FRENCH PUNK @ The Dairy Block

WERKER was approached to help Thrice "an experiential design agency" transform a vacant corner of the Dairy Block. The 5,000 square foot concrete laden space was transformed into a celebration of anti-hate and non-conformity.



French Punk is the latest in the Thrice Pop Up series bringing the movement of a "love revolution" to Dairy Block; it's an out-of-the-box experience incorporating immersive design, cuisine, and craft cocktails, featuring a Run For The Roses Pop Up Bar and activations throughout February. Everything within this immersive pop up captures the explosion of the late '70s punk subculture that unleashed a wave of creativity, a do-it-yourself spirit of ingenuity, and rebellion against the status quo. French Punk puts a spin on visually striking ephemera of Punk with a French twist, telling a story about the music, edgy fashion, and seismic shift in society. We are a culture of resistance, anti-hate, anti-violence, anti-racism, anti-sexism, anti-homophobia.

#LoveALL #LoveRevolution #FreetheBaguette

* Proceeds will benefit The Matthew Shepard Foundation & Noble Grain Alliance *


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